Why do we look like our pets?

3 years ago by Laura

With the advent of animojis on the latest iPhone X where you can use facial recognition to animate emojis with your very own features and voice 😁, it got us thinking about our own pets and how we all somehow end up looking like them 😜.

We thought it was just a funny coincidence 😂 but it turns out there have been scientific studies that tell us there’s a little more to it 🔍.

It’s important for children to feel that they’re not alone and that they fit in 👧 but sometimes it’s difficult for those who might be a little bit different. Consciously choosing an animal 🐶 with which they have something physical in common can help with confidence and self esteem 👍.

When you have a pet 🐱 they become part of your family and just as you start to mimic expressions and habits of other humans 👨 that you spend lots of time with, the same happens with your pet 🤗. Sounds crazy, but it’s true 🤷‍♀️!

A study in Japan asked volunteers to match owners and their pets just using their eyes 👁️, and guess what? They got the majority of them correct 👌! The study suggests that we look for a pet that mirrors ourselves.

Who knew?