Poo has feelings too. Or does it?

6 years ago by Laura

There’s been a debate taking place at the Unicode Consortium, the organisation that curates and distributes the standard list of emojis ? so they display correctly ? on different devices ?, and it’s about a pile of poo ?.

Apple had added a smiling face to their poo emoji which gave Unicode an idea, why not create a sad poo too ?? An argument then ensued.

“This should embarrass absolutely everyone who votes yes on such an excrescence ?”, wrote typographer Michael Everson.

Another typographer, Andrew West, commented, “Is there really any need to add a range of emotions to PILE OF POO ??”

Well, when you put it like that… we think you have a point!???

$400K Raised for Homeless Man

6 years ago by Laura

It's not all doom ? and gloom in the world ? and we like to share good news stories ?! This one is about a woman ? in Philidelphia who decided to pay it forward for a homeless man ? who gave her his last $20 ?.

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