Happy News for a Brazilian Couple!

5 years ago by Laura

We love sharing good news stories ? from around the world ? so when we read about a Brazilian ?? couple having wedding photos taken 60 years after they got married ?, we just had to write about it.

Dona Rosa and Sec Russo got married in 1957 ??. It was a modest affair which took place in a relative’s yard. An aunt baked the cake ? and Dona’s godmother made her wedding dress ?, but no photos were taken of the day.

Fast forward 60 years and a collective of creatives in Sao Paulo teamed up to help the couple recreate their wedding day, this time with a photographer to capture every moment ?.

The not-so-newlyweds celebrated with their nine children ?, 16 grandchildren ? and four great-grandchildren ? in an outdoor setting decorated with vintage furniture and fairy lights ?. All elements for the wedding, from the dress to the flowers ?, were kindly donated by local businesses who helped give the family a day to remember ❤️.

All photos credited to: Sao Paulo Fotografia.