Eat an Emoji Dinner in Dallas!

5 years ago by Laura

Dallas Fish Market ?, a 10-year-old restaurant in downtown Dallas, has launched a six-course emoji dinner priced at $65.

First trialled during the summer ☀️, it was so successful that diners are being treated to an emoji dinner ? for the second time round later this month ?! The menu is communicated in emojis only so guests have to work out what the dishes are on arrival ?.

Nafees Alam, the restaurant group’s CEO, was inspired by an ice-cream shop ? he came across while travelling in Singapore which communicated its flavour options in emoji ?. He said:

“I thought, ‘what a cool idea’, everybody now talks in emojis ?. If they want to go to dinner, they send you an emoji ?. If they like something, they send you an emoji ?. It’s like we don’t write anything anymore. It’s all converted into a cute icon ?.”

Alam returned home and set about turning his idea into reality ?️.

The emoji dinner will likely return quarterly and will allow guests to submit their own ideas for emoji dishes ? on the next menu.

What emoji dish would you request at Dallas Fish Market ??