Our biggest winner yet!

7 years ago by Laura

If you’ve been visiting us every day you’ll have noticed that we recently had our biggest win ever ?! The very lucky Elizabeth from Eastbourne claimed her whopping $720 prize last week ?, just in time for Christmas ?.


We asked her what she was going to do with the money ?:


“I will top up the money I’m sending to the BBC St Martin in the Field Christmas Appeal for the homeless ❤️ and will also be able to treat my daughters hubby and grandchildren ?.” How generous!


We were pleased to hear that Elizabeth is also treating herself with her winnings ?, “I’ve been building a small shed in my garden ? using materials found in skips which I’d like to use for mosaic, crafts, sewing etc. ?‍? I’m now going to be able to heat it as I can now afford and justify buying a small wood burner?… it will be so cosy I won’t want to come out!”


Having not really won anything apart from a scented candle in a raffle ?️, a prize that everyone had seemed to put back up for raffle, Elizabeth didn’t really consider herself a lucky person ?. It just goes to show that if you keep trying, you might come up trumps eventually ?!


Congratulations Elizabeth ?! We love the pic of you and your husband celebrating outside Bath Abbey ? and we hope we brightened up your Christmas ?.

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