Unborn baby sends emoji sign!

5 years ago by Laura

Always the bearer of good news ?, we couldn’t resist sharing this story of a mum ? who felt that her unborn baby daughter ? was sending her an emoji kiss ?!

Kirstie Davies from North Yorkshire, UK was having a difficult pregnancy ? and was having regular scans because the baby ? was measuring smaller than average.

At 14 weeks it looked as though the baby was doing an impression of the love-heart kiss emoji ?!

Kirstie said, “It was comforting for me and as if she was telling me she was fine ?. I got great comfort from it and it made me feel like my little girl was happy and healthy inside me.”

Kirstie’s husband Ashley said, “Even now, she always blows kisses ? whenever she says bye. ?”

Kirstie and Ashley named the baby Lily-Beth who made the family complete as the younger sister ? of two boys ??.

What a gorgeous family ?‍?‍?‍?!