The Language of Emoji

5 years ago by Laura

Not only are emojis super cute and fun, they are also a brilliant way to communicate ?. When you’re texting and messaging there are some things you just can’t put into words ? and other things that you want to be able to give a quick human reaction, tone or emotion to – emojis are the next best thing to real life!


The emoji has become a language all of its own which transcends countries and cultures ✌️. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof:


Emojis have their own dictionary

Not sure what the emoji you’ve just been sent was supposed to mean? No problem! Just head over to to interpret the emojis in the message you’ve just received. Got a fire ? emoji? You’re hot! A smiling face with sunglasses ?? You’re cool. An aubergine ?? Look it up yourself!


You can take an emoji course on Duolingo!

Yep, you read that right! Along with Spanish, Russian and Japanese the super popular free language learning app, Duolingo, has added Emoji to its repertoire ?. The course is aimed at parents and grandparents to learn how to better communicate with their children and grandparents ?‍?‍?‍?.


Laughing with joy face was Oxford Dictionaries’ 2015 Word of the Year

When the very book that upholds the English language chooses an emoji as its Word of the Year you can’t get much more  proof ?!