Our Top Five Emojis New for 2017

5 years ago by Laura

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, 2017 has seen dozens of new emojis grace our phones, tablets and laptops. We love them all, but here are our favourites:


Man/Woman in Lotus Position

For when you want to let your friends know that you come in peace, are chilled out about a situation or that you are, in fact, mediating or doing yoga.


Face with Monocle

Let’s face it, a monocle makes you look both cool and intelligent! It’s fun to use this emoji when you want to show that you’re taking a closer look at the conversation you’re having.


Man/Woman Vampire

Because vampires are awesome. Perfect for halloween but also for when you’re feeling a little bit mischievous!



One of you predicted this when we asked our Facebook followers to come up with ideas for a new emoji. Here’s the version our lovely designer, Kat, came up with for the winner:


And here’s Google’s take on it:


Fortune Cookie

When you’re dishing out top notch advice, show off your wisdom with the fortune cookie emoji!


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