Hay! Would you look at that!

5 years ago by Laura

A Scottish farmer ?‍? is brightening up passers-by’s days with emoji faces ? created from her straw bales ?!


This isn’t the first time that Fleur Baxter of East Skichen Farm has made art from items around the farmyard ?. She’s previously made Pokemon, Minions and created a Christmas ? display of Santa ?, Rudolph ? and a snowman ☃️!


Not only is Fleur now a local celebrity with people regularly asking what her next idea is, word of her work has spread far and wide with photos ? shared across the world ? on social media ?.


Fleur said, “I’ve no art background ?, but if it gives everyone a bit of a giggle then it’s well worth it ?.”


We think it’s a great idea ❤️!


What do you think Fleur’s next creations should be ??