Hay! Would you look at that!

4 years ago by Laura

A Scottish farmer 👩‍🌾 is brightening up passers-by’s days with emoji faces 😀 created from her straw bales 🌾!


This isn’t the first time that Fleur Baxter of East Skichen Farm has made art from items around the farmyard 🚜. She’s previously made Pokemon, Minions and created a Christmas 🎄 display of Santa 🎅, Rudolph 🦌 and a snowman ☃️!


Not only is Fleur now a local celebrity with people regularly asking what her next idea is, word of her work has spread far and wide with photos 📷 shared across the world 🌎 on social media 💻.


Fleur said, “I’ve no art background 🎨, but if it gives everyone a bit of a giggle then it’s well worth it 😂.”


We think it’s a great idea ❤️!


What do you think Fleur’s next creations should be 🤔?