$400K Raised for Homeless Man

3 years ago by Laura

It’s not all doom πŸ˜•Β and gloom in the world 🌎 and we like to share good news stories πŸ‘! This one is about a woman πŸ‘© in Philidelphia who decided to pay it forward for a homeless man πŸ‘¨Β who gave her his last $20 πŸ’΅.

Kate McClure decided to risk a drive πŸš—Β into Philadelphia one night with a flashing petrol light on πŸ’‘. She ran out of fuel and pulled over to walk to a petrol station Β when Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless veteran who sat on the side of the road πŸ›£οΈ every day, said that he’d help and told her to get back into the car and lock the doors πŸ”’.

He left and returned with a red can of petrol and filled up her car β›½. Johnny had spent the little money he had to help a complete stranger πŸ’Έ. Kate had no cash to repay him on the day but she returned with the money as well as some warm clothes because winter ❄️ was on its way. She would then give Johnny a few dollars and some food πŸ• every time she went by but she wanted to do more to repay his generosity and kindness ❀️.

That’s when Kate decided to set up a Go Fund Me page. Her aim was to raise $10,000 to cover four to six months rent πŸ›οΈΒ plus a vehicle πŸš— to help Johnny get back on his feet πŸ‘£. Kate was overwhelmed with the response and the money continue to roll in and is now almost at the $400,000 mark βœ…! Enough to buy Johnny a new home 🏠, his dream truck 🚚, a computer πŸ’» plus two trusts, one from which he can withdraw a small salary and another which will be wisely invested for his retirement. Ever selfless, Johnny is also donating some of the money to organisations that have helped him along the way πŸ‘.

We love a happy ending πŸ˜€! Do you have a good news story πŸ“°Β from your part of the world? We’d love to hear it πŸ‘‚.

Burger-gate Update!

3 years ago by Laura

About a month ago we wrote about the emoji burger controversy in which Google had come under scrutiny for the order in which it had placed the elements of a hamburger. Well, we have an update!

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